Nature Lovers Won’t Want to Miss the Spring Wildlife on Marco Island!

Spring is the perfect time for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers to experience the Marco Island wildlife on a Cool Beans Cruise.

nature lovers can see owletsHoo New!
 That’s right, as Spring starts to wake up the flowers and trees, it is a signal for Marco Island wildlife to pop up as well. It’s a great time for nature lovers to see all of the wildlife of the island, but especially the owlets that are exclusive to only three of the 10,000 islands in the area – one being Marco Island. These little darlings will start to peek their heads out of the burrows over the next month, and as with all “kids” they will grow-up fast.

However, if you can’t spot the owlets, the nesting ospreys, brown pelicans and egrets are just as lovely and breathtaking to view. If you’re a bird-watcher, you won’t want to miss these little miracles of Marco Island.

This time of year also offers plenty of opportunities to get some fantastic photos of these birds and the other plentiful wildlife exclusive to the area. Once you capture those memorable shots, share them on Instagram or Pinterest and see how many people “like” or “pin” your images!

So take a moment to charter a private Cool Beans Cruise for you, or your bird-enthusiast group, so you can experience these rare moments. It’s truly a nature lovers time of year.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Wright Photos.