Cool Beans Cruises Wants to Help You Make Your Romantic Proposal One That Lasts a Lifetime!

Romantic ProposalCool Beans Cruises knows that every woman wants to be swept off her feet when you pop the question. What better way to show her you’re the right one than with a unique and romantic proposal? Here are four great ideas to help get your creative romantic juices flowing:

Moonlight Boat Ride  Why not propose under the starry skies on a midnight blue ocean? A moonlight boat ride is one of the ultimate romantic proposal ideas for people who live and breath the salt air.

Secluded Setting  Imagine cruising to a secluded picturesque spot, far away from the mad rush of beach-goers. Once there, break out the champagne and set the perfect mood in a great place for the ring.

Love Letters in the Sand  Want to make a big impression? How about asking her to marry you by writing it in the sand. Imagine “sight seeing” on the boat when you notice something written on the beach, but you can’t quite read it. Once she reads it, show her the ring.

Treasure Hunt to Her Heart  If you are a couple who likes a good challenge and adventure, leave her clues starting in your hotel room and at various spots along the way to the final destination – a private cruise with champagne. Give her one last clue and let her know she’s the perfect catch for you.

These are just a few romantic proposal ideas that will have her telling how your story began for a lifetime. Of course if you feel over-whelmed or unsure how to begin, don’t hesitate to ask us here at Cool Beans Cruises for help. We have plenty of experience and have seen quite a bit during our years. Not only can we make it smooth sailing, we’ll even help with some of the finer details. Our crew is standing by to help make this moment one you and your partner will never forget.

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