Bird Watchers Delight Aboard Naples and Marco Island Catamaran Sailboat Excursions

Get up close and personal with abundant pelicans, skimmers, ospreys, snowy egrets and other bird species as you cruise the Southwest Florida coastal Gulf of Mexico waters…

Brown PelicanAboard one of our Cool Beans catamaran sailboats or pontoon boats, keep your eyes peeled and camera ready for a plethora of tropical birds native to Southwest Florida. Expect to see all of this and much more:

  • Watch PELICANS dive bombing into the gulf and holding up to 3 gallons of fish and water in their bills, twice the capacity of their stomachs!
  • See SKIMMERS feeding at dusk by gracefully skimming their lower bill through the surface of the water where small fish are caught.
  • Observe OSPREYS with their reversible outer toes that allow them to hold fish aerodynamically head forward, as if they were a bomb ready to drop.
  • Spot SNOWY EGRETS using a foot-stirring motion to rake up small fish and shrimp from the bottom in shallow waters along the beaches.

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